New website!

For those of you who know this website since quite some time, you will find a lot of changes, starting with this design, but also new features, softwares and articles.

  • esxi_inquiry: Grabs and interpret the information your SAN array provided to the ESXi (Not ESX classic) from cache
  • NFS Presentation: What you need to know before using NFS on a vmware environment. Here.
  • Life of an IO: Companion of the NFS presentation, Say you type 3 letters in a notepad of a VM on an NFS datastore, save... What happens from you VM to the disk of your NAS back and forth?
  • An other interesting part is the SCSI decoder, which will bite your ESX/ESXi logs (From version 4.0 and to, so far 5.1) and tell you the meaning of the SCSI errors encountered by your ESX, on which LUN, etc... Here.

On a pure technological point of view, this site was entirely re-written, switching from ruby on rails to sinatra but keeping written using the ruby programming language and ActiveRecord to access it's database.